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To make exercise more fun for kids, turn it into a game. Here are some ideas.

Corners: Divide kids up so that they each have a home corner. Then, have them run around the room in a circle. On your cue, they need to return to “home” and do a few easy exercises (say, five jumping jacks or one 30-second plank). Let the kids decide what exercises to do in each corner to give them ownership over the game.

Go back and hit it: On “go,” kids run forward in designated lanes. Then call out “back,” a prompt for them to run in reverse. Finally, say “hit it!,” a cue to incorporate another skill (such as a tuck jump or squat). Again, give kids input on choosing the “hit it” skill.

Squat relay: Have kids line up on opposite sides of the room, facing each other. On “go,” all kids run toward the center of the room and meet in the middle. They need to do three squats, giving each other a high-five with both hands in between each rep. Then, they return to the starting point and repeat. The focus is on the high-fives and the social interaction. If you have a large group, you could have the lines shift sideways between reps so kids meet a different friend in the middle of the room each time.

Traffic: In this variation of “Red Light, Green Light,” there’s more going on on “the road.” Kids stop and start at red and green lights, but they also shuffle to the side for a yellow light, do bunny hops at speed bumps, link elbows and run with a partner for a “carpool,” and even gallop when the cue is “deer crossing.” Make up some more moves with your kids!

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