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Get those feet up and off the ground with these easy exercises. Jumps build muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance. And who doesn’t love competing against a friend, sibling, or even an adult to see who can jump the highest?

Fun jumps for kids to try include:

Criss-cross feet: Jump straight up, then cross one foot in front of the other; on next jump, switch feet and continue.

Hurdle hops: Jump side-to-side or front-to-back over a pretend hurdle.

Jumping jacks: Stretch arms and legs out to the side like a starfish while jumping; on the second jump, return arms to sides and legs to center on the landing.

One-foot hops: Lift one knee and jump on the standing leg; alternate. (This is a great balance challenge, too.)

Tuck jumps: Bend knees and lift heels high while jumping.

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