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Skipping can be a fun form of aerobic activity that can also challenge skills such as balance and coordination.

Some skipping games to try include:

Hopscotch: Set up a hopscotch board (a grid of numbered squares) using either chalk (outside) or masking tape (inside). There are tons of ways to play, but with all of them a player essentially throw a small object (like a beanbag) onto one of the squares. They then try to hop, skip, or jump their way through the course without landing in that square.

Jumping rope: Have your kids jump rope for a timed duration. You can amp up the difficulty by asking them to go forward and back, or make it more competitive by seeing which child gets the most skips in a set amount of time.

Obstacle course: Set up a simple obstacle course with accessible items, such as a chair to skip around and a pot to skip over. Then, set a timer and have your kids aim to beat their personal records.

Skipping tag: Play tag, but have everyone skip instead of running or walking to catch their opponent. You can add variation by switching to hopping on one foot, all fours, or some other way of moving.

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