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While gym hoodies have become increasingly popular for casual wear, they are still considered to be an important part of anyone’s training wardrobe. We all know that it is essential to stay warm both during and after training, and a hoodie is a great all-rounder no matter what type of training you’re into.

Pre/Post-Workout Wear

When you’re traveling to and from the gym, you’ll want to feel comfortable, warm and relaxed, which is why a high quality hoodie is what you need.

Keeping Cool

While it is important to keep your body warm when training, it is also important to keep cool to enable you to perform effectively. A sleeveless hoodie is a great item to keep your chest and core warm whether you’re in the gym or training outdoors, while helping the rest of your body to feel cool.


When you’re warming up or playing a match, you need to be able to shed your layers quickly and effortlessly, according to how you feel. A lightweight, zip through hoodie will ensure that you can stay warm where needed, and remove when you’re feeling warmed up.

Staying Warm

During the colder months, having the right kind of clothing could be crucial for keeping you in training and making sure stay warm. A fleece-lined option is a recommended choice, which will certainly add the comfort factor you’ll need after a hard session. Of course, it’s important to stay warm after any training session in order to prevent muscle injury.

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